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The Ringside Charitable Trust

No; 1185462

Ringside Rest and Care


For many years concern has been expressed for the countless boxing personnel who find themselves suffering from depression, alcohol dependency, injuries and illnesses attributed to boxing. Ringside Charitable Trust, hope to change the way we care for our boxing family. The vision for the home is to include medical help, facilities for ex boxers to be cared for both short and long term, a cinema room for the boxers to watch films of their old fights and a non alcoholic bar where they can sit together and reminisce. There is initial funding in place but the cost of sustaining the home is estimated at £1.5 million per year. Many boxers have entertained us over the decades, and many now need our help in hard times. This is our opportunity to raise funds for The Ringside Charitable Trust, a fantastic project to establish a thirty-six bed residential care facility which will be of enormous benefit to those who sadly have no means of support in dark times.  

Fundraising and Donations

After many weeks of trying to open a Charity account with PayPal and doing so much form filling and paperwork,I’m happy to announce the details:


To donate please click on the link above 

Ringside goes Stateside

Matt Christie  Editor of The Boxing News standing proudly outside Madison Square Gardens prior to the Anthony Joshua fight

Interview with Anthony Joshua OBE

A message from Dave Harris Chairman & Trustee 

Hi everyone I hope you are all keeping fit and well and staying safe as some of you will know we are now into stage 3 and are starting to identify areas in the country which will be suitable for the Ringside Charitable Trust care home and now the hard work starts once again we are working towards an application for lottery funding for 3 million pounds .One of the areas which we are closely looking at is in the Northampton and Gloucestershire areas if you haven't yet pledged £5 a month please do so it's not a lot but it will make such a difference to our boxers who are in such desperate need I would like everyone of you who has stood shoulder to shoulder alongside the wonderful hard-working team that will make Ringside Charitable Trust a reality ,we are still hoping that our launch night may still take place in November and I hope you are all looking forward to making the song Never give up Never give in a Christmas number one which was recorded by some of the biggest names in Boxing so remember the title Never  give up Never give in by the Legends 

Stay safe 🥊🥊🥊

Andrew Parkin Donation 

Andrew has kindly donated several copies of his print of Captain Tom Moore to be auctioned to raise funds for Ringside.

Andy was diagnosed with Bi Polar a few years ago and to help him in his recovery,he enrolled in University to study art.

Now after a couple of years he has achieved a BA and is currently studying for his Masters.


In conjunction with Boxing Social,Ringside Charitable Trust has produced a you tube video ,explaining all about our aims.

British Boxing Board of Control




Our CD which was recorded last November at Abbey Road Studios,

“NEVER GIVE UP ,NEVER GIVE IN “ performed by The Boxing Legends and written by former Hon.Secretary of the Commonwealth Council ,Simon Block ,is due to be released on October 5th.

These will be on sale,details and price to be announced later.🥊

Abseil of The Spinnaker

I wanted to give you an update on where we are with Spinnaker Tower abseil for Ringside.

I'm delighted that we now have a complete team of twenty two volunteers, and the response has been truly fantastic particularly in such troubled times.

Date ; 10th July  12.00 -15.00

The participants are as follows and all are paying the £100 cost of the abseil themselves:

Boxers (former and current):

Jeff Ofori

Lucy Wildheart

Dave Birmingham

Jumaane Camero

Ross Minter

Ashley Theophane

Tony Oakey

Martin Power

Jamie Speight

Jason Lepre

Joel McIntyre

Bailey Donald

Leanne Harriott

Sophie Gallagher


Andrew Fairley

Martin Theobald

Seb Emery

Lee Jackson

Harry Jones

Dale Fletcher

Matt Christie (BN editor)

Larry Richards

We've have the fundraising page set up  with a target of £7,000 but we shall work hard to exceed that amount. Please wish us luck!

Donation link;

A Dinner is being held in the memory of Alan Minter,Johnny Clark,Vince Heckman and Geoff Hopcraft



Due the the extension of the Covid restrictions 

Ralph Oates

I have received this from Ralph Oates,s publisher for discount details on Ralph’s book

Hi Paul, thanks for getting in touch. We can certainly give you the link, but even better, we can give you a discount code (RCT25) which gives your members/contacts a chance to buy Ralph’s book, (or any book on our website) at 25% off the cover price. Not only do they get money off, you get 10% of the RRP for your charity. So for a £15 book, you will get £1.50, and your contacts will get a discount of £3.75.

This is a great opportunity for you to make some serious money for the charity, and also to spread the word about the book and our website. There is no end date on the code (until we both decide to stop it) and it can be used multiple times. The more people know about it, the more money we all make.

Remember it is not just Ralph’s book that can be bought using the code, but any book on our website, and you get 10% of everything.

The link is A Question of Boxing - 1500 questions on the sport of Boxing – JMD Media Ltd

Anthony Joshua OBE 

Our Ambassador,Anthony Joshua has sent us this little video showing his support for The Ringside Charitable Trust 


Following a meeting of the Trustees ,we are happy to say we have began viewing properties,so that we can move forward in our quest