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Ambassadors of Ringside

John Conteh MBE ; Anthony Joshua OBE; Ken Buchanan MBE; Duke McKenzie MBE;

 Frank Bruno MBE; John Lyon MBE;James Cook MBE; Dick McTaggart MBE;

 Michael Watson MBE; Matt Christie; Ross Minter; Terry Waller; Lee Pullen ;

 Andy Brace;John H Stracey; Charlie Edwards;Derek Chisora;Johnny Nelson;

Harry Scott;Colin Hart;Steve Graysmark;Sophie Gallagher;Lucy Wildheart;


Dave Harris; Paul Fairweather; Karen Knight; John Oliver ; Tommy Burling

Sophie Gallagher

To show our appreciation for all the hard work Sophie Gallagher has done and continues to do for The Ringside Charitable Trust,all the Trustees have unanimously voted for Sophie to become one of our Ambassadors.

She has accepted,saying she was truly humbled ,over the moon .We thank you .

You are truly a remarkable young lady ,respect

Welcome aboard Sophie 🥊🥊🥊

Michael Watson MBE

Michael Watson MBE has accepted to be one of our Ambassadors.

John H Stracey

John has kindly agreed to become one of our Ambassadors,welcome John 

Anthony Joshua OBE

Anthony Joshua has kindly agreed to become one of our Ambassadors,we welcome you AJ

Ross Minter 

To show our appreciation and as a mark of respect to our former Ambassador Alan Minter for all his support,the Trustees have asked Alan’s son Ross Minter to become an Ambassador.

Ross has kindly accepted.